Uses & Benefits


  • With a cat’s litter box or food dish placed inside a closet or room, most dogs (depending on their size) will be guarded from getting into them. This protects the dog from eating the contents and becoming ill and/or creating a general mess. If a cats’ medicated food is eaten, the cat doesn’t get the prescribed medicine.       So both can be safeguarded!
  • Pet doors can disturb your sleep. The Latch’nVent® permits animals to transit rooms quietly. No longer do you need to cut a hole through an interior door!
  • Unwanted incidental contact with family pets can be avoided when sleeping or just for needed privacy, while improving exterior lighting into rooms at night and airflow.
  • Closets may be better ventilated while preventing pets’ access to clothes or other personal items.
  • Bathrooms can increase their ventilation for a possible decrease in harmful bathroom mold and mildew buildup, while preventing or allowing small pets access.

Pet Peace

  • Cats or small dogs are provided privacy and a safe haven from larger pets.
  • Cats or small dogs are protected from being locked in rooms when doors are incidentally closed by giving them a way out.
  • Annoying or dangerous door slamming caused from open windows when ventilating rooms can be prevented.
  • Comfort is increased for everyone with improved airflow.  Rooms can become warmer or colder when the door is closed, depending on the time of year.  With increased air flow, HVAC bills may decrease.

Installation and Use:

  • It’s easy to use!  Extensions slide in easily and lock in place until the release button is pressed.
  • Doors operate normally at all times and fully close when an extension is not in place.
  • It’s easy to install with only three screws!
  • Installs on any normal interior door.
  • Eliminates the use of shoes, books, furniture, strings, etc. to keep an interior door ajar.

Instructions pdf_new_09 – Latch-N-Vent-Instructions

Installation Video

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