What can I say! This is an awesome product! Only wish I had thought of it! lol I purchased two and they were very easy to install and thwarted the efforts of my son’s St. Bernard (keeps him away from my cats). Thanks!

Alan C.


We ordered your latch and vent a few months ago and loved it. We used it for our cat’s room which we had to keep closed or the dog would eat the cat’s food. However, they hated being cut off from their food/litter and would cry by the door for hours.

Allison F


It’s a pleasure to tell you that the Latch’nVent lives up fully to my expectations. It’s a great design that solves a problem that one doesn’t know one has until one has it!

All of a sudden there were three rooms that we need to keep cats out of and there was no air circulation into them. It was dificult to think of anything that wasn’t an eye sore. Your product takes care of that very nicely.

Bobby G.


You really do have a fantastic product here, and we couldn’t be happier with them. There really is nothing else like it on the market.

Bobby R.


You are saving my sanity on a dog who will not quit eating the cat food.

Brittany R.


I received the Latch N Vent last week and my husband installed it. It’s wonderful!! We didn’t want to cut a hole in the wall for a pet door and I was at my wits end trying to keep the pets separated. I only wish I had found it sooner. Now my dog can’t get to the litter box and cat food. Thanks



Box arrived yesterday and the items were well packed. The bonus was nice too. It took me about 15 minutes per door. My situation was the back two rooms (my wife’s office and my daughters room). They are the only rooms with windows facing North East. In the summer, in order to encourage air flow we had to keep the doors open. That led to frequent door slamming not to mention the cats getting into trouble in those rooms. Closing the doors fully made the house stuffy. In the winter those rooms, which are the farthest from the furnace, are the coldest and closing the doors fully made them worse. Now with the LatchnVents installed the doors are open just enough for airflow while keeping our cats out. The added bonus is not seeing my daughter’s messy room as I walk down the hall. Thanks again!

Dave R


I ordered and received three sets of latch’n-vents. They were very easy to install and they work as advertised!!
Happy we got them!! Thanks.

Jay M.

The product works great–and I am hoping it solves my problem of having an extremely hot bedroom due to lack of ventilation. I plan on purchasing more for other areas of my home soon.

Jeff M.


I spoke to my wife the other day–and she commented that using the LatchnVent –she can definitely tell the difference. We got it so that we could keep our bedroom door open to provide ventilation in order to lower the heat in our bedroom. We have 3 cats–and were trying to keep the cats out of our room because of the cat fur and also to prevent our new comforter from getting snags –but during this summer–the heat got unbearable. My wife who works midnights even tried sleeping in the guest bedroom.

We looked at other methods of being able to keep the door open–yet our cats out. Everything was either too expensive–or not visually attractive. Your product is perfect–it installed within minutes–and keeps all 3 cats out–while allowing air to circulate. We like the fact that we can remove the latch and shut the door completely when we want to.

This is an excellent product–and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to do the same thing.


Jeff M.


I am so happy to have found your product because it was exactly what I was looking for- thanks for taking the initiative to make this, now I don’t have to rig up something makeshift!

Jessica D.


We installed our Latch’nVent the day we received it and it’s working wonderfully! Our 17-pounder, Rocky, has no trouble fitting through. And all our litter pans are now in our basement! Our two cats have had no trouble transitioning. Have had many positive comments! I am now emailing your site to my neighbor, who saw it and has to have it! Just wanted you to know how well it’s working. Maybe you don’t receive much feedback…but hope your invention goes viral!

Linda P


This product is exactly what we needed! I was hesitant to order it since I’m in Canada but it works like a charm! Wish I’d thought of it! Thank you so much and congratulations on a great product!

Michelle V


I was just going to send you a note about the great success Claudia reports with Latch ‘N Vent. MG now has secure private access to her medicated food. Chester no longer gobbles it up!

Twice daily, MG gets medications for both high blood pressure and for kidney failure added to her food. She grazes, eating little amounts throughout the day. Chester steals her food, so she hasn’t been getting her proper dosage.

Claudia and Bradley tried everything to keep Chester away from her food. They tried placing her dish in small spaces behind heavy furniture, constructing elaborate barricades, and rigging doors on their own with no success. Chester managed to foil all their efforts.

Two weeks ago, as soon as they got the Latch ‘N Vents, they installed one on a door to a small room in which MG traditionally was fed. Great success!!!!! Chester can’t get at MG’s special food and medicine. MG has private secure access to her medicated food any time she wants it. An added benifit to the Latch ‘N Vent is that it allows easy human access. This easy access is important because that room also has access to a powder room and the basement stairs. The Latch ‘N Vent has a wonderful design. It is truly a must have for them. Friends who visit get a Latch ‘N Vent demonstration. Everyone is very impressed!

Thank you for contributing to MG’s health, wellbeing, and longevity. Our entire family is grateful.



My dogs are Basset hounds and I am keeping them out of the furnace room and the cat food & litter. No more chasing after dogs and no more sick, puking dogs after they gorge themselves with cat food! I can’t thank you enough for your great customer service and product! I am telling all my friends and family! Take care.

Tiffane C