Do you offer international shipping?

We currently are not offering international shipping.   We do apologize for all the recent changes to shipping, but this in an effort to provide cost effective shipping for both parties.  We have tried and will continue to look into making this option available.

What size extension do I need to order?

With your order of the Latch’nVent, you will receive the 2”, 3”, and 4” extensions.

Your need will determine the size extension you use.

Will the Latch’nVent work on exterior doors?

The Latch’nVent was not designed for exterior doors. Generally these doors have a wider jamb.

However, by measuring the distance from the screws on the striker plate to the top of the trim will give you an idea if it will work. The Latch’nVent’s maximum distance on the base plate is approximately 1.5 inches.

pet-door-latchDo you sell a 5 inch extension?

Currently there is no firm plan to make a 5 inch extension.

Where else can I purchase the Latch’nVent?

Unfortunately, the Latch’nVent is only sold through our web site LatchNVent.com.

Can the Latch’nVent keep a large dog out of a room?

Yes! However, this can vary depending on size, strength, aggressiveness of the dog and if the Latch’nVent has been properly installed.  The Latch’nVent is not designed to prevent aggressive dogs from getting through.

cat door latchI was wanting to install the Latch’nVent on the bathroom door, because that’s the area for our cat’s litter box. Is the Latch’nVent extension easy to remove for house guests who want to use the bathroom?

Yes! The extension is released by pushing a button. The removal can be accomplish with one hand it’s so easy.

I want to keep our bedroom door ajar at times for heating purposes, but I want to keep our cats out.  Will this work for that or is it for larger pets?

 Yes.  The Latch’nVent’s 2” extension was designed for the purpose of keeping adult pets out, but allowing the door to remain ajar.  (kittens may be able to transit the door)

Will the Latch’nVent work for a large cat?

The largest opening is the 4 inch gap. Generally, if a cat can stick its head through the opening it can get through. However, if the cat is an obese kitty, this may not be possible.

What Size Latch’nVent Extension Do I Need?

The answer depends on the size of your pet, but if you have a small dog or cat, there are three extensions that come with the Latch’nVent (2″/3″/4″) and this should be sufficient for most needs.  The 4″ extension will do the trick for most families with large animals.

Is it possible to order individual parts?

 Currently, we do not offer individual parts for sale.

How do humans get through an installed Latch’nVent?

 The Latch’nVent was invented with the purpose of allowing a door to keep operating normally, while keeping the door ajar.    Simply turn the door knob, open the door, and move through the doorway.

Can you use your product on lever type door knobs?

 Yes. The Latch’nVent operates off the common latch on doors, regardless of the type of door knob.

What is the Latch’nVent made of?  Is it made of plastic or metal?

The Latch’nVent is made of a high impact plastic.  However, parts may break when too much pressure is applied.  We at Symphatics, LLC see this as an advantage.  In the event of unwanted contact with the device, it is beneficial for the Latch’nVent to “give or break” decreasing the chance of injury.