Retail Partners

Thank you for considering adding Latch’nVent by Symphatics to your product line.  Latch’nVent is an innovative, attractive and affordable option for your customers’ pet peace and protection.  Our retail partner program provides retail stores and related industries to carry our product.

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For your customers, Latch’nVent is:

  • Easier to operate than cumbersome pet gates, hooks or straps. Doors operate normally!
  • More effective than a pets’ “easy over” pet gates
  • Less obtrusive and more esthetically pleasing option than pet gates and cat doors
  • Less damaging to doorways than other latching products, pet gates and cat doors
    (Add only one small screw hole into trim! Easy to repair after removal.)
  • Unique way to control their pet’s movement using an interior door
  • Easy to install
  • Increased customer options
  • Great for multiple pet families with dogs and cats
  • NOTE: When offering this product please stress ALL 3 Screws Must Be Installed for This Product   to Perform as Advertised and to Prevent the Base from Breaking.
    Attention to this issue is a must.  This will increase customer satisfaction and lower return rates.

For your business, Latch’nVent has:

  • A small footprint of only 9
  • Stack-able with hanging tabs
  • Possible multiple or repeat purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Competitive discount
  • Checkout through PayPal