About Latch’NVent®

pet door prop

The Latch’nVent was invented out of the desire to ventilate a child’s room at night for better air flow and monitoring, while preventing access by the family cat. It was soon discovered there are more uses. The Latch’nVent is an easy way to control pets’ movements throughout the home by utilizing the interior doors.


  • 2 inch extension blocks most adult cats and dogs; Kittens and other small pets may be able to transit doorways.
  • 3 inch extension blocks most small to medium & large size dogs, but allows cats to pass through.
  • 4 inch extension blocks most medium to large dogs, but allows cats to pass through.

A more effective option to pet/baby gates, which are cumbersome to use.

Pet doors are noisy and can disturb your sleep. The Latch’nVent® permits animals to transit rooms quietly. Also, you no longer need to cut a hole through an interior door!

Eliminate the need for shoes, books, strings, or furniture to keep a door propped open. The Latch’nVent is the perfect way to solve problems, while doors continue to operate normally and fully close when extensions are not in use.

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